A Mind-Body Approach to Connecting and healing through intuition, animal communication & shamanic healing for both

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Animal Communication & Intuitive Healing for Horses, Cats, Dogs & People

Physical & Emotional Healing from the Inside-Out

Do you want to transform your pet’s ailment, disorder, or challenges and put them on the path to balance and wholeness?

Physical & Emotional Healing from the Inside-Out

Transform your pet’s ailment, disorder or challenges and put them on a path to balance and wellness.

Achieving Peak Performance

Communicate with your animal companion to achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE in any show or event they participate in.

Support for Life Transitions

Provide the best possible support for your animal friend during difficult times of transition, such as adoption or even end of life.

Deep Bonding 

Deepen your bond with your best friend in ways you never imagined were possible.

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Animal Communication and Intuitive Healing a Holistic Transformation for You and Your Animal  

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My name’s Lesley Nase. I’ve committed my life to helping animals establish a mind-body connection to heal themselves from within. 

If your pet suffers from any physical or emotional imbalance or disorder, is struggling with any unwanted behaviors, is seeking peak performance at shows or events, or if you simply want to develop a deeper bond with your beloved companion, I am here to help.

I will hold compassionate and loving space, weaving together my extensive experience working directly with animals with a variety of holistic healing modalities. The result will be your best friend getting to know themselves and their bodies in an entirely new way. This deepening mind-body connection will naturally result in a powerful transformation process from the inside-out for your cat, dog, or horse.

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