Animal Teachers

The magic happened for me when I was 4 years old, when my brother brought home a black, tri-colored, bedraggled kitten from the neighbor. Her name was Missy, and from the moment I saw her, I just wanted to hold her … fleas and all.

My family had recently moved into this old house. Missy was my companion and friend. She followed me inside the house, and I followed her outside the house. I took comfort in the fact that she would sleep with me in my room.

When Missy became pregnant, she began the habit of talking when she was looking for someone to be with.

I wasn’t so surprised to hear her chirping and purring at the foot of my bed. I was, however, incredibly surprised to see a litter of just-born tiny kittens all lined up nursing.

I grabbed a tiny kitten, ran into my sister’s room, waking her with my overly-loud, joyful voice:

“Look! Missy has had kittens!”

To which she replied in a sleepy, tolerating, older-sister voice,

“That’s nice. Go put it back.”

Thus began my love affair with all 4-legged friends.

Next, I wanted a puppy, and then a horse. I got the puppy, only he grew up to be a runner and a roamer kind of guy.

After him, my folks got a smaller dog for me. That one fell in love with my mother.

The horse came for an 11-month stay from my riding instructor when a foal was being weaned. That girl’s backbone stuck up in the wrong places when riding her bareback, but her best feature was her sweet and gentle manner and a broad backside that could carry 3 growing kids easily.

Other furry friends that graced my life were:

  • a huge rabbit named Alice in Wonderland
  • a goat who we bribed with graham crackers to go up and down the slide
  • piggies that escaped the pen and only came back to my mother’s voice
  • a hurt pigeon I kept in my bedroom, I named Alan
  • flying squirrels in the walls …not pets, just animal encounters.

What is that…?

What is that…?

It’s a gift from Spirit, the Universe, God/Goddess or other divine essence you believe in. 

Curiosity leads children to gaze at me with a puzzled look on their face as they ask “What is that on your face?” 

“It’s a birthmark. It’s a gift from Spirit. It arrived when I was born. It’s just like your skin only a different color. Do you want to touch it?” 

Children are like cats once you answer their question, their  curiosity is satisfied. They move on to something else that attracts their attention.

Well meaning adults on the other hand often want to ‘fix it’ or ‘make it better’. “Did you know that you could…..”

My answer to that is:“Why would I want to hide who I am?”

A large port wine stain, as it is called, doesn’t change who I am whether I cover it up or it fades in color after a laser treatment.

The gift is in it’s visibility. The gift is in its purple hues which have a high energy vibration.

The gift is in your asking a question so that you can learn and grow in your own divine knowledge.


Gifts are all in how you perceive that which is different and unique about you. 

Embrace your gift.

In the movie, Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, the character Azeen, is often referred to as the ‘Painted Man’. Here is his conversation with a small girl.

Azeem: “Salaam, little one.”

Small Girl: “Did God paint you?”

Azeem: “Did God paint me?”

Azeem: “For certain.”

Small Girl: “Why?”

Azeem: “Because Allah loves wondrous varieties.”

Mystical Side of Life


I believe in the seen and the unseen, the light and the dark, but most of all I believe that we create our lives. It is neither good/bad, right/wrong. It is happening now, present time, present moment.

How did I come to that belief?

The easy answer is “Years of curiosity.” Taking a broader view, life is filled with opportunities, synchronicities and possibilities.

The power of healing energies was introduced in my life through my youngest brother. He was born with spina bifida. By three days old, he had his first of many serious operations.

I remember our minister and his wife coming to the house to conduct a healing circle the night before one such operation. The minister, my Dad, my siblings and myself sat in a circle. The minister’s wife acted as a conduit in the center of the circle. We sent an arrow of love toward her and she sent that arrow to my brother in the hospital.

I felt my hands vibrating. I saw the energy of my hands join with everyone else’s energy, and even though I did not have the language to understand what a medium was or did, I mirrored what the minister’s wife did in sending an arrow of love to my brother.

Growing up in a house built in 1809, I took things that go bump in the night in stride.
My curiosity always had me seeking to learn more. Like my first oracle deck called, “Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling.”

Synchronicity was the path that guided me to learn several healing modalities and ancient beliefs..

Synchronicity is what led me to study the ancient traditions and practices of Shamanism.

My life has led me to research and investigation of ancient wisdom and mysticism, to the science of Quantum energy and how it applies to everyday life.

The more I understand, believe and know that there are more possibilities to consider, the more trust I have in the work that I am doing with people, animals and the natural world.

If you’ve read this far…

If you’ve read this far…

Please know that I am grateful to you for being here.

I help people and pets who share their lives see their own potential to bond and connect on a deeper level through intuitive animal communication, as a Shamanic healing practitioner, with quantum energy and a bit of psychic medium work thrown in.

Schedule a session today to create health and wellness with the pet who shares your life.

My official bio:

Lesley Nase is known for her “Intuitive Animal Communication and Healing” work by her friends, family, and colleagues. She helps people and pets who share their lives see their own potential to bond and connect on a deeper level through intuition animal communication, as a Shamanic healing practitioner, with quantum energy and a bit of psychic medium.

Lesley holds a compassionate loving space with people, animals, and nature by connecting with source energy to help them find their own inner knowing and power to heal themselves.

She has served on the board of Second Chance Animal Center where she did sessions for unusual cases, specializing in raising motherless kittens and caring for mothers with kittens along with helping raise funds for the humane society.

As a past member of Spirit Hollow, a center for transforming consciousness one extraordinary being at a time, Lesley served on their board, taught animal communication workshops, participated in ceremonies and told stories around the fire.

Lesley is also the author of “Who Paints the World,” a children’s book that sparks the imagination. A little girl named Hope asks the question each day, “Who Paints the World?” and is answered by an Angel, “Why, a child, that’s who, for who but a child would…”

This book is a collaboration between Lesley and her daughter Rebecca Nase Chomyn, a metal sculptor, watercolor painter and chalkboard artist.

As the world changes, people are seeking out more natural, holistic, and healthy ways to bring their lives into balance. Lesley works nationally and internationally by phone and internet. For over 30 years, she has helped countless cats, dogs, horses and other animals, along with people, access their own innate energy for healing to restore and balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.