Benefits of Communication and Healing

Top 12 Benefits of Intuitive Animal Healing and Communication

Enhance Daily Routines – helps to keep your animal companion active and happy

Wellness Check – overall check on how your animal companion is feeling, coping or adjusting

Household & Family Changes – moving to a new house, changes to the house structure such as construction, adding a new family member, a family member moving out of the household

Nutrition Checks– change in diet for health reasons often need understanding for pets before they comply fully with the change of routine

Behavior Problems – a better understanding from both sides, negotiating better choices that lead to resolution, separation anxiety, fearful and nervous

Lost or Missing Pet – help in understanding why a pet bolted, remote view of pet and strategies to bring your pet home

Rescued or Feral Pet – bringing balance to pet, integration into new home or living situation

End of Life – guidance and comfort for you and your animal companion for the end of life

Terminal Illness – help in pain management, medication side effects and guidance when the end is near

Healing of Trauma – reconnecting energy disorders to bring about harmony

Pet Loss and Grief Support – guidance and support for navigating the phases of loss and grief for you, your family and for other animal companions

After Life Connections – getting your last message to your animal companion and from your animal companion

My work as an Intuitive Animal Healer, Animal Communicator, Shamanic Healing Work and Psychic Medium allows me to call upon many different healing modalities during a session.