Communicating Love and Comfort

with Pets at the End of Life

What would it mean if you could experience comfort in knowing that your pet passed peacefully?

Imagine what life with your pet would look like if you were able to understand your pet’s needs and desire when faced with their impending death.

What would it mean to:

have someone to turn to who understands the feeling of being frozen at the news that the end of your pet’s life is on the horizon?

have someone who has experienced the denial, the disbelief, and acceptance that this is happening?

have someone has known the heart-breaking grief that follows pet loss?

The overwhelm of it all doesn’t have to be all on your shoulders.

Journey to Peaceful Pet Passing is designed to:

Help you navigate the overwhelm

Communicate to your pet

Activate your intuitive knowing

Assist with healing on a soul level

Plan for celebrating a shared life together

Council you at the end

Connect you after your pet has passed