Intuitive Animal Communication

and Healing Consults

Building deeper bonds and connections through intuition, animal communication and healing for all.

Intuitive Animal Healing and Communication go hand in hand. Both are about being aware of your own innate intuitive healing abilities plus being in a space of connecting and communicating with your animal companion.

For animals and humans alike, being intuitive and able to communicate is a natural talent. You just need to discover yours and practice the skills.

Powerful results is what this work is about. Holistic healing will achieve optimal health and wellness for you and your animal companion.

Whether your goal is to experience Intuitive Animal Healing and Animal Communication by booking a healing session or learning how to tap into your own intuitive animal healing and communication skills by signing up for my online Lifelong Critter Connection course, your life will be enriched and changed for the better.

Intuitive Animal Healing and Animal Communication work are conducted by phone or video. Each session focuses on one animal companion at a time, as each animal has different needs. The basic outcome for sessions is to restore balance and wholeness by discovering the root cause of imbalances.

4 Basic Energetic Systems of Healing and Communicating

Physical – illness, disease, old age

Emotional – stress, separation anxiety, safety

Mental – nervous behavior, repeated habits, peace

Spiritual  – loss of animal or human companions