Lifelong Critter Connections – 4 Month Program!

During this 12 week immersive journey into Animal Communication and Intuitive Animal Healing, not only will we be working closely together to support your cat, dog, or horse through their transformational process, but, perhaps more importantly, YOU WILL LEARN the fundamental principles and practices of  Communicating and Intuitive Healing so that you’ll be able to practice these powerful skills with your pet on your own. 

​Over the 12 weeks you will build one skill upon another with:

  • ​7 Home Study Modules
  • Mindset Exercises
  • ​Guided Meditations to Connect to your Pet
  • Experimental Animal Communication Exercises
  • ​Intuitive Animal Healing Skills
  • ​ Group Zoom Coaching Sessions
  •  Private Coaching Sessions

 If you have always wanted to connect, communicate and bond deeper with your animal companions this program is ideal for you.

​If don’t understand why your pet is struggling emotionally, physically, has unwanted behaviors this is the program that will help your understand your pet better, gain insight into their life have optimal health and well-being.

​If you intuitively know that there is more to your relationship with your animal companion in good health and in illness this is the course for your cat, dog or horse. It is also a way for your animal companion to help you stay health and happy.

In addition to all of the above,

​ Lifelong Critter Connections Program here is a breakdown of  the 7 self-study lessons:

  • MODULE 1: Awakening the Intuitive Animal Healer Within – What does being Intuitive mean? How do  I awaken my own inner intuitiveness and knowing? Can anyone be an intuitive animal healer for a horse, dog or cat? 
  • Module 2: Intuitive Bonding – Instinct, Nature and Environment make up the 3 intuitive lifelong critter connection components. The first animal communication when you and your companion animal said hello and hooked up, to the last animal communication when you and your animal companion say farewell for now old friend.
  • Module 3: Critter Routines lead to Intuitively Knowing Needs – Critters of all shapes and sizes thrive on a daily routine. However the key to wellness and balance in a critter is knowing when to do something different. With heightened intuitive knowing you will feel disharmony and then can act with greater confidence.
  • Module 4: Love and Comfort is Intuitive – When we train our heart and mind to be coherent we intuitively begin to know when to tune in to our critters for wellness checks, comfort and healing with love.
  • Module 5: Intuitive Healing for Self and Companion Animal – Release that which no longer serves you or your companion animal. Memories of the past are many times no longer true or valid. Healing yourself not only heals you but also those in your environment. Companion animals take on our pain and suffering to help you heal.
  • Module 6: Grief and Guilt are not Intuitive Healing Emotions – Feel the loss and the regret at the time that it happens then let go allowing healing to begin. Over time grief and guilt can become a habit: I could have, should have… Keep it in its place then move on so that both you and your companion animal can heal and love.
  • Module 7: Celebrate Life – We look for the good in all things, we celebrate life in many small ways and we step toward a brighter future intuitively. Honor the life that you and your companion animal share.

The  group zoom coaching sessions, combined with the private coaching sessions, will provide the comprehensive support needed for you and your animal to transform your lives from the inside-out.

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